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Gutter Genius® DIY™ is a high quality, solid metal gutter protection system that outperforms most of the expensive national brands at a small fraction of the cost. It installs simply and easily using a flat edge tool (i.e. screwdriver) and scissors or tin snips.

Gutter Genius® DIY™ eliminates the hazardous job of cleaning your gutters, and makes your gutters self-cleaning, virtually maintenance free gutters.

We've designed Gutter Genius® DIY™ to be affordable, simple and effective. Each retail package includes panels, fastening clips and instructions. More than 25 million feet of Gutter Genius® DIY™ has been sold since 1983 to more than 250,000 homeowners. We hope you'll join them!

Gutter Genius® DIY™ is a very low profile product . . . its nearly invisible from the ground, yet it handles at least 6 inches of rainfall per hour, while shedding leaves, pine needles, seed pods and pollen to the ground.

There is an abundance of information on this website.  If you have any questions, call our 24/7 Hotline at 888 OUR GENIUS (888-687-4364)or (800) 331-4273.

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